Friday, November 8th: Night of the Remi’s
20:30 – 22:45

Friday night will be an improv extravaganza. Six players from both Belgium and The Netherlands will compete in a high energy setting. All will perform short scenes in different styles. This will be an exciting clash of cultures!
Players will be:…..

This show will be in Dutch / Flamish

Night of the Remi’s 2016: winner Ben van Bokhoven

Saturday, November 9th: Solo Stories
20:30 – 22:45

Three improvisers will play a show in their own distinct style. We are proud to have some of the best solo artists in the world! So prepare to be amazed.

This show will be in English.

Hetty Heyting and Helmut Woudenberg. Remifestival 2016

For tickets, please visit the theatre’s website.