About solo improv

Exciting and new!
Improvisation is the art of creativity, flexibility and bravery. So imagine what that is like when performed alone! This is the most exciting form of theatre to play and see! This festival will amaze you with comedy, drama, music… All made up on the spot.

André Besseling performing ‘Lifebook’

Playing solo: super fun and scary as sh*t
This festival is organized by André Besseling and Richard Roling. Both active in the field of improv for over 25 years. In their journey in improv styles and formats they both fell in love with the art of solo improv.
Solo asks for total acceptance of your own ideas. So it is both confronting and liberating at the same time. Solo celebrates the power of the individual.

Performing in earlier editions: Jacob Banigan, Ryan Miller, Sahand Sahebdivani

The Remifestival
This is the fourth edition of the festival. In earlier editions there were great performers like: Andy Eninger (USA), Dave Morris (Ca), Jacob Banigan (Austria), Alberto Urrea (Colombia), Inbal Lori (Israel), Hetty Heyting, Sahand Sehebdavani, Helmert Woudenberg and many more!

Richard Roling performing ‘Travelers’